Dog Walking

Group Walks

We offer group walks for dogs that are happy to socialise with other dogs on a daily, weekly or occasional walk. Your dog will be collected from your home and safely transported in a secure caged van to local fields or woodlands. All dogs will be towel dried to remove any wetness or excess dirt, if necessary, before returning home and water bowls topped up.

A maximum of 4 dogs will be walked in any group at a time. This means the dogs get to enjoy each others company, while we maintain full control and give them the attention they deserve. 

Group walks are available for 1 hour and are available in the morning and afternoon. Shorter walks are available if required. 


Individual Walks

Not all dogs want to be walked alongside other dogs. If your dog prefers to be walked on their own, we will happily take them for a 30 minute walk at an agreed time.

Longer / Shorter walks are also available upon request.

This is ideal for younger puppies, older dogs or dogs that have aggressive tendencies.